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Turnitin's Moodle Direct Integration (Student Guide)

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Assignment Summary

To access a Turnitin assignment click its title in the course home page. The first page you see is the assignment summary which shows the start date, due date and post date for an assignment. The start date is the date from which you may submit work, the due date is the date by which the submission must be made and the post date is the date at which time the Grades will be published to students.

Submitting a Paper

To submit to an assignment access the student submission inbox by clicking 'My Submissions', then follow these steps:

  1. If given the choice of submission type select the type of work you are submitting from the drop down list, the option are 'File Upload' or 'Text Submission'
  2. Enter a title for your submission
  3. If there is more than one part to the assignment select the part to which you are submitting
  4. Submit your work:
    1. For a file upload, click on the Browse... button and select the file you wish to upload. Acceptable file types are doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt and html.
    2. For a text submission, enter the text into the 'Text Submission' text area.
  5. Click on the 'Add Submission' button to submit the file.

My Submissions

  • Submission contains the title of the paper and status of the submission.
  • Submitted contains the date abd time the submission was made.
  • Similarity contains the 'Originality Report' icon for the submission which display the percentage of text within the paper that matches content in the Turnitin database.
  • Grade contains the grade received for the submission and the GradeMark icon if GradeMark is enabled. The grade and GradeMark icon will not be displayed until after the post date.
  • Feedback allows students to leave feedback or comments ralating to their submission and answer comments or questions posted by their tutors.