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Explain backup file retention settings

The following automated backup settings are rather confusing:

  • Maximum number of backups kept backup | backup_auto_max_kept
  • Delete backups older than backup | backup_auto_delete_days
  • Minimum number of backups kept backup | backup_auto_min_kept

Please explain what each of these settings do - and, more importantly, how they should be used together. Give practical examples of what will happen when you use different combinations of these settings.

For example, what happens if you specify these settings?

  • backup_auto_max_kept = 10
  • backup_auto_delete_days = 2
  • backup_auto_min_kept = 1

How many .mbz file will actually be retained after the number of days specified in backup_auto_max_kept days (10 in my example above)? Will the number of .mbz files specified in backup_auto_min_kept be retained forever? Does that mean that Moodle will always keep the number of backups specified in backup_auto_min_kept in the backup destination?

If you set "Delete backups older than" to NEVER, how does it affect the "Maximum number of backups kept" and "Minimum number of backups kept" settings?

--Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 12:32, 6 October 2023 (UTC)