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Nwiki markup

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Markup language

Here are some examples of Nwiki markup (which is similar to Mediawiki.)

Nwiki Syntax

Text Format

''Bold text''

'''Italic text'''

Links and URLs

[[Internal link]]


[http://External_URL External_URL_title]

Bullet List

*Bullet List Item 1

*Bullet List Item 2

*Bullet List Item 3

Numbered List

#Numbered List Item 1

#Numbered List Item 2

#Numbered List Item 3



Section headings

= Level 1 Heading =

== Level 2 Heading ==

=== Level 3 Heading ===

Horizontal rule


Line breaks

The syntax of nwiki is quite different from that of Mediawiki.

A line break that is visible in the content is inserted by pressing "Enter" key only once, not twice.

Twice "Enter" pressing or more in the markup is equal to twice "Enter". To insert several line breaks, please use <br />

Wiki Markup Escape

<nowiki>No wiki text </nowiki>