Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 4.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Moodle app H5P support.

Moodle app H5P support

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Support by version

Before Moodle 3.8

  • H5P was supported via an activity plugin developed by the H5P Team (requires Moodle 3.5 onwards)
  • It worked in the app, the H5P content was launched in a special frame embedded in the app. Did not support offline browsing
  • Required certain site configuration changes (like enabling frame embedding)

Moodle 3.8

  • Initial core support added
  • H5P content only available via embedding (text editor and filter)
  • H5P content supported in the Moodle App 3.8

Moodle 3.9

  • New H5P activity plugin available in the core distribution
  • New Content Bank for managing H5P content in the Moodle site
  • H5P activities can be graded
  • H5P activities supported in the Moodle App 3.9

How H5P content is displayed?


  • The content “auto-plays” in the web version while it has to be manually played in the app by the student
  • The app will automatically download the content for offline (so it is available without connection)
    • WiFi: Only if the package size is less than 20MB
    • 3G/4G: Only if the package size is less than 2MB
  • For larger packages, the student can always choose to download it manually (click top-right)
  • If the student is downloading the full course, all the embedded H5P packaged will be downloaded
  • External H5P are not downloadable for offline

h5p embedded.png

As part of the core H5P activity (Moodle 3.9 onwards)

  • The content is automatically downloaded and “auto-plays” in the app if:
    • WiFi: Only if the package size is less than 20MB
    • 3G/4G: Only if the package size is less than 2MB
  • For larger packages, we display a Play button so the student can launch it.
  • The H5P is always downloaded (be careful with big H5P packages), it is required for activating tracking
  • In the Moodle Site Administration settings, downloading H5P packages can be disabled.
  • Students can review their previous attempts in the app

h5p activity.png

Working offline

  • Students can download a full course with H5P activities or single H5P activities
  • In both cases, if he is playing the package when is not connected to the Internet all the tracking information will be stored locally in the device
  • Once the user is connected back to the Internet, all the tracking information will be send to the server for the teacher to review
  • H5P offline support can be disabled via Moodle settings (Moodle app features section)