Bulk upload users

From MoodleDocs

If you need to add a large number of users to your site, and you don't want them to create their own accounts, you can upload a text (.csv) file to create the accounts in bulk.

  1. Log in to Moodle with your administrator account
  2. Click Site administration
  3. Click the Users tab
  4. Click 'Upload users
  5. Download to your computer the example text file . Leave the top line (with the fields) blank, and complete it with the details of your users, using a text editor like Notepad or a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or Libre Office Calc.
  6. Make sure you save it as a text (.csv) file.
  7. Go back to Upload users and upload your file, making sure the CSV delimiter is the same as the one you used. Usually this is a comma.
  8. Preview the accounts and decide on the settings and default values you want. (If in doubt, leave them as they are)
  9. Click Upload users again