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作成中です - Mitsuhiro Yoshida 2009年9月24日 (木) 15:32 (UTC)

Installing the Opaque question type

  1. Download it from Opaque question type Plugin Database page.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Copy the opaque folder into the question/type folder of your Moodle install.
  4. Go to http://myserver/admin/index.php in your browser to complete the installation.

Configuring the question type

It would be good if there was a test Opaque question engine somewhere on the internet that people could use to try this out. Unfortunately, at the moment all the ones I know about are inside the OU's firewall. Drat!.

  1. Visit http://myserver/question/type/opaque/engines.php.
  2. Click 'Add another engine'.
  3. Enter the details of an Opaque engine.

Creating an Opaque question

This works just like any other question type - select 'Opaque' from the Create new question dropdown on the question bank screen.

The Opaque editing form has very few fields, since the question is mostly defined by the remote engine, we just have to say which engine to connect to, and the question id and version.

Then you can add you new question to a quiz, and try it out. Or you could just preview it.