Notes de mise à jour de Moodle 3.11.11

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Date de sortie : 14 novembre 2022

Vous pouvez consulter la liste des détails sur les évolutions et corrections de bogues de cette version 3.11.11 (en anglais).

Corrections et améliorations

  • MDL-68437 - Whole forum grading shows suspended students
  • MDL-73624 - Chrome cannot download files when the filename in Content-Disposition contains a comma (e.g. quiz report download)
  • MDL-66273 - Restoring quizzes with random questions while cleanup task runs causes issues
  • MDL-27570 - Quiz time limit changes are not reflected in active quiz attempts without page refresh
  • MDL-66955 - Slow search in 'Search people and messages'
  • MDL-68943 - Converted PDF file does not update when submission file is overwritten
  • MDL-61880 - Oauth2 field mappings are reset and endpoints lost when identity issuer settings saved
  • MDL-71531 - Moodle file cache - excessive locking around cache reads
  • MDL-76011 - "Download all/selected submissions" imposes download date on the zipped files instead of retaining submission dates
  • MDL-75010 - Viewing images in email should not update last access
  • MDL-74201 - Content bank files used by reference not restored on other site
  • MDL-75766 - Adding indexes in h5p database table (backport of MDL-71129)
  • MDL-76169 - Various behat fixes for Question
  • MDL-59458 - Sorting database module entries by certain fields shows no results
  • MDL-72490 - Restrict date/time: Show error if users picks incompatible date restrictions
  • MDL-75985 - Standardise HTML output when comparing editor values
  • MDL-76113 - Legacy grade sync always fails for LTI 2.0 consumers
  • MDL-76170 - LTI legacy grade sync fails if member sync occurs before first user launch
  • MDL-76108 - Exception thrown when restoring 1.9 backup into current moodle
  • MDL-75889 - allowedemaildomains should be case insensitive

Améliorations d'accessibilité

  • MDL-74887 - "Available, but hidden on course page" in Label
  • MDL-74814 - Some accessibility issues in the edit profile page

Pour les développeurs

  • MDL-75886 - Set editor for editor-specific tests
  • MDL-75887 - Provide way to set HTML Editor content regardless of the current editor
  • MDL-75783 - Add vscode jsconfig.json configuration


  • MSA-22-0028 - Apply upstream security fix to VideoJS library to remove XSS risk
  • MSA-22-0029 - Course restore - CSRF token passed in course redirect URL
  • MSA-22-0030 - Reflected XSS risk in policy tool
  • MSA-22-0031 - Stored XSS possible in some "social" user profile fields
  • MSA-22-0032 - Blind SSRF risk in LTI provider library

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