Notes de mise à jour de Moodle 2.0.2

Cette version de Moodle n'est plus supportée ! Vous devriez mettre à jour vers une version supportée de Moodle.

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Date de sortie : 21 février 2011

Consulter la liste des détails sur les évolutions et corrections de bogues de cette version 2.0.2 (en anglais).

Changements importants

  • MDL-20617 - Options to show feedback, averages, range and other data in the user report
  • MDL-26109 - All standard blocks have option to dock
  • MDL-25616 - Recent messages and recent notifications interfaces

Améliorations de performance

  • MDL-17201 - Ajout d'un index sur user_info_data
  • MDL-25669 - fix_course_sortorder() does way too many UPDATE queries
  • MDL-25837 - disasterous caching bug in course_overview block
  • MDL-22970 - Glossary import displays too many items in recent activity
  • MDL-25677 - Differences between upgraded and installed sites detected in blocks subsystem
  • MDL-24125 - Add in-memory cache of admin_category child objects

Principales corrections

  • MDL-25501 - Wikis with pages with the same title now upgrade from 1.9
  • MDL-25932 - Upgrade fails for wikis with the same title
  • MDL-25850 - Scorm score not checking for mod/scorm:viewscores
  • MDL-25215 - File extension lost when using "Save As" field
  • MDL-26071 - Upgrade fails when adding fields to tag_instance table
  • MDL-26236 - Random essay questions give error
  • MDL-25321 - sqlsrv_native's limit_to_top_n function destroys queries
  • MDL-25626 - Error in "Course completion status" block
  • MDL-25863 - Automated course backup function duplicates old versions when saved to non-default location
  • MDL-26098 - Manual grading pop-up is confused between id and uniqueid
  • MDL-25841 - Cloze question feedback appears in the wrong place
  • MDL-26299 - Numerical questions units handling setting reverts to default upon editing


  • MSA-11-0003 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in tag autocomplete
  • MSA-11-0004 $CFG->forceloginforprofiles setting ignored in course profiles
  • MSA-11-0005 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in spikephpcoverage
  • MSA-11-0006 Cross-site request forgery and missing access control in course completion
  • MSA-11-0007 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in course tags
  • MSA-11-0008 IMS enterprise enrolment file may disclose sensitive information
  • MSA-11-0009 My profile block may disclose private information if used in user context
  • MSA-11-0010 Incorrect default for moodle/course:delete capability in teacher role
  • MSA-11-0011 Multiple cross-site scripting problems in media filter

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