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This page provides links to prototype sites demonstrating new features that will be included in coming versions of Moodle.

We would love to hear what you think of these new features! After exploring the sites, please post your feedback in the Future major features forum.

New projects and prototype site demonstrations

UX Features

Description We are in the process of nailing down the scope and cost for these features. Once we have that, we will update everyone again.
More Mike Churcward detailed status of the development in the tracker.
MUA Project Cycle January - June 2020
Target Version 3.11

More prototype site links coming soon...

How to contribute

logo moodle.png
Moodle User Experience (UX) Forums

Description As part of the UX 4.0 release, the UX team are establishing a presence on the Moodle.org platform in order to collaborate and communicate with the wider Moodle Community.

We're looking forward to working with you and sharing what we learn and what we do!

More User Experience Forum Want to shape the Moodle future with us?.
Project Tracker Moodle UX 4.0 tracker issues and epics
Prototypes 4.0 Student UX Project

4.0 Teacher UX Project

Target Version 4.0

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Moodle Tracker

Description This is where we record and manage all issues related to Moodle and related systems.

It's not just for developers! :-) All users should use this system to report problems or new ideas for Moodle and help us make it better.

More Moodle Tracker Want to shape the Moodle future with us?.

Moodle Users Association

Description MUA's mission is to support the growth of Moodle by providing a strong and united voice to users, giving direction and resources for new developments.
More Join MUA Shape the future of Moodle today..

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Other Moodle demo sites

QA Moodle Demo

Description It is updated daily at 13:00 UTC with the latest fixes for testers to test and do a final check for any problems.

Every hour (on the hour) the database and files are reset.

Moodle Version The latest Moodle dev release!
Site qa.moodledemo.net/

School Moodle Demo

Description This demonstration site gives you the opportunity to explore Moodle in action as a manager, teacher, student, parent or privacy officer with realistic content.

This site is reset every hour on the hour so anything you "break" will get fixed.

Moodle Version The latest Moodle stable release!
Site school.moodledemo.net/

Sandbox Moodle Demo

Description This site is a plain installation of Moodle using the Boost theme.

This site is reset to its blank state every hour, on the hour.

Moodle Version The latest Moodle stable release!
Site sandbox.moodledemo.net/

See also

  • Roadmap - for an overview of new features planned for the next release
  • Releases - for all official releases of Moodle, grouped by branch in reverse chronological order