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I have a number of questions about User tours, but this page is quite a good starting point. There is no forum topic in Moodle in English for them, so it's difficult to filter posts about User tours although very few seem to exist at all.

  • What options for troubleshooting are there?
  • When can we expect the UI to be upgraded to draggable items as in main course pages?
  • What is a 'tab stop'? What does this section even mean?

"A note about user tours and keyboard focus (tab stops)

If you test your user tour with the keyboard, you may notice that sometimes there appear to be two tab stops where there should be one. For example if you have the HTML

<div class="my-link">
        <a href="">Example link</a>

and use the CSS selector .my-link for your tour step, then, while the tour is visible, it will appear that there are two tab stops for the one link. This is because the target of the tour is always made into a tab stop.

The way to avoid this is to target the tour at the link itself in your tour, using .my-link a. The same thing applies in other similar situations. "