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Setup Repository Connection

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Setup Repository Connection in Moodle 1.9

In Sharing Cart 1.9, release 6--a connection to a content sharing repository was built--Moodle for Language Teaching. This is no longer maintained. The following are legacy instructions for setting up a connection.

  1. Make an account on the Moodle for Language Teaching Repository site:
  2. Install the Sharing Cart block on your home site--download from CVS:
  3. Be sure to go to Admin >> Notifications to enable the Repository plugin# Click the "hammer tool" icon on your Sharing Cart to setup a connection to the Repository.
  4. Type this Repository URL: along with the Username and Password of your Repository account.
  5. Put an item from your home site into your Sharing Cart
  6. Click on the Repository icon next to that item
  7. Fill in the metadata information, and click "Register".
  8. You have uploaded your first contribution to the Repository and will receive 100 points registration bonus and 20 points for each item you upload.
  9. To download ("buy") items, you first view an item then click the "Buy" button. Normally it will "cost" you 10 points.
  10. Then go to your home site's Sharing Cart and click the "Download from Repository" button, located at the bottom of the cart.

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