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Question practice module

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Concept of Question Practice Module

The basic idea is that the teacher sets up a bank of questions organised into categories. Then the student can then choose what questions they want to practice and when. This is about student-centred learning based on the capabilities of the Moodle question bank. For more information about question categories see Question categories.

Steps to follow to set-up module

Below are some steps with snapshots that a teacher can follow in order to create a working Question Practice instance.

Teacher side

Step 1

The first step for any teacher is to create an instance of the module.

Creating a new instance

qpractice new instance.png

Step 2

After the instance for Question Practice module has been created, the teacher is redirected to a settings form for that instance. The settings form contains some general options like name, introduction and behaviour. The behaviour selected by the teacher in the settings are the only ones that will be visible to student. That is, the student will have to select only from those behaviours.

Settings for Question Practice

This is an overview of the settings available in the Question Practice module.

qpractce settings.JPG

Step 3

After editing settings for an instance, the next step for the teacher is to add questions to the question bank. There are certain rules to be followed while adding questions to the question bank.

  1. Questions should be added only in Context space of that instance.
  2. All the parent level categories created by the teacher are visible to students: Example: If a teacher has 3 parent level categories ie: Topic 1 , Topic 2, Topic 3, these top level categories will be visible to all students. Whenever a student starts practice he will be provided with the option to select a category from a list of available categories. After that, the students are asked questions randomly (without being repeated) from that category.
  3. The teacher can create any number of sub-categories inside the parent level category. Only the parent level category is visible to the student.

Adding Questions to module

This is an overview of the question bank for a Question Practice instance. The teacher can create categories and add or update questions here. Parent level categories created by a teacher will be available to students for practice. All the questions present in each category will be made available to students.

qpractice question bank.JPG

Step 4

After setting up module, if a teacher wants to view the history of all sessions for all students, he can simply click on 'view past sessions', as shown in the screenshot, and the list will appear.

View all Reports by Teacher

This is an overview of report.php at teacher's side. The teacher will be able to view all the data of all students.

qpractice view allreports.JPG

Student Side

Options visible to students

This is an overview of view.php. Students on start-up will be provided with 2 options: Either they can start a new session or they can view the history of all past sessions that they have done until now.

qpractice options.JPG

Creating a new session

This page gives students option for selecting how a session should be. Student can select the category they want to practice with, and also select the behaviour that they want for a particular session.

qpractice session.JPG

Attempt page as visible to students

This page shows how a question is visible to student. The student can attempt as many questions as he wishes to, or stop the practice when he gets bored.

qpractice question.JPG

Checking current Question

This page briefs on how answers are checked once students clicks on the check button, thereby giving accurate information about marks for same.

qpractice check question.jpeg

Summary of Current Session

This page shows summary of current session in progress.

qpractice summary.JPG

View individual report of all Past Sessions

This page shows the history of all practices of the student logged in.

qpractice view myreport.JPG

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