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Elgg is a software application that can be integrated with Moodle. The developers say that the "concept behind the system is to develop a fully customizable learning landscape. To achieve this Elgg is a hybrid of weblogging, e-portfolios and social networking. It is hoped this combination of features will provide an engaging environment for learners to create their own learning space and then connect to others, forming online communities of learning."



Weblog: Elgg comes with a personal and friends weblogging system. This weblog is a central piece and can link to items in the repository. Each weblog post can be shared with who ever the learner wants.

Social networking: Elgg is all about the creation of a learning landscape therefore it is necessary to link to, and find, others with similar interests. Elgg uses social networking as a means of finding and sharing knowledge with others.

File repository: Elgg has a file repository which can be used to house many different file types.

Access control: This is one of the strongest features in Elgg, a powerful access system allows fine-grained privacy to all aspects of an individuals Elgg.

Tagging: This is now a popular way to search and find other objects and people of similar interest.

Customisation: Elgg comes with some standard templates, however, we recognise the need for people to customise their own landscape. This is done through the templating system.

XML-RPC: use external blogging clients to post to an Elgg site.

Community building: using the communities function learners can create their own communities around shared interests. This is also proving popular for research collaboration.

Wiki: Thanks to UBC for hosting the wiki part of Elgg. Each community create comes with a ready to use wiki.

Profile data: link to other learners and resources through your profile data.

Syndication: RSS - there are RSS feeds for learners, weblogs, communities, tags, files and FOAF.

Podcasting: Elgg is an extremely effective podcasting platform.

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