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tele-TASK is a moodle plugin which allows video playback of single and dual stream lecture videos in a moodle course. It offers direct integration of the tele-TASK system and supports mp4 videos playback from different sources.

tele-TASK examples


  1. Download or use the "Install Now" feature of the moodle plugin directory to install the tele-TASk module,
  2. After installation: When you want to use the included tele-TASk upload feature please make sure that your webserver have read and write access to mod/teletask/uploads in your moodle installation folder. If your web server is the owner of the directory the chmod 600 is suitable.

See also: Installing_contributed_modules_or_plugins in MoodleDocs.


Add a new (dual screen) video

  • To add a new (dual screen) video you have to add a new tele-TASK activity to your course, login with the appropriate access rights (e.g.editing teacher, course creator or administrator) and Turn Editing On. Within the required Week or Topic Block click the 'Add an Activity or Resource' link.
  • In the Add an activity or resource dialogue box that appears, select tele-TASK and click Add.

with tele-TASK upload feature

The easiest way to add a (dual screen) video to a course is using the tele-TASK recording system. When using the tele-TASK recording system a single .ttpp-file can be imported and the videos and all information which were already entered during recoring with the tele-TASK recording system e.g. title, sections are filled out automatically.

  • First click [Select tele-TASK moodle file] and select the exported tele-TASK moodle file on your local computer.
  • After selection of the file click [Upload file] and wait until the Process is ended with the status message Done.
  • Now all fields are filled automatically accoring to the information you entered earlier in tele-TASK recording system. If you found some errors or if you want to change something you can do this accoring to the following section Add a new (dual screen) video with videos from other sources. Finish the import by clicking on "Save and return to course" or "Save and display".


  • If the upload is not working properly check if the user have the right to upload a recording (mod/teletask:addinstance) in the course permission. By default Manager and Teacher have the right to use this functionality.

with videos from other sources

The tele-TASK recording system is not necessary to add an (dual screen) video to a moodle course using the tele-TASK module. You can simply add videos hosted on other servers or upload them manually to the mod/teletask/uploads directory e.g. with ftp. There are the following 2 sections when adding a new teleTASK activity


Here you have the following fields:

  • tele-TASK video name - Name of your video. Will be displayed on the course overview and over the video on the view page.
  • tele-TASK video description - Description of the video
  • tele-TASK video speaker - Name of the speaker. If you have more then one seperate them by coma
  • tele-TASK video recording date - Date of the recording
  • tele-TASK video url speaker video - URL of the speaker video as mp4. Can be an external URL e.g. or if you use the mod/teletask/uploads directory for the video files it should look like this folder_in_uploads_directory/video_file_name.mp4
  • tele-TASK video url desktop video - URL of the desktop video as mp4. If you leave this field blank the player is running in single video mode. The URL should be set like described for tele-TASK video url speaker video
Video Sections

In video sections you can set sections/chapters in the videos. This allows better navigation for the user in the player. To add a section click Add Section and new input fields appear. Here you can add the section name and the time when this section start. Now you can add several sections or delete them.

Note: The first section should start at 0 seconds.

Finally you can finish adding a tele-TASK video by clicking on "Save and return to course" or "Save and display".

Edit a (dual screen) video

  • To edit an existing tele-TASK activity, login to your course with the appropriate access rights (e.g. editing teacher, course creator or administrator) and Turn Editing On. Select the Update icon against the relevant tele-TASK item.
  • Alternatively, after logging into your course simply click on the name of the tele-TASK activity you wish to edit and then click the Edit Settings link under tele-TASK administration within the Settings block.
  • Now you can edit the lecture accoring to Add a new (dual screen) video with videos from other sources

Delete a (dual screen) video

  • To delete an existing tele-TASK activity, login to your course with the appropriate access rights (e.g. editing teacher, course creator or administrator) and Turn Editing On. Select the Delete icon against the relevant tele-TASK item.
  • Please have in mind that uploaded files with the tele-TASk Upload feature will not be delete since they can be used in other courses when videos are reused. If you are sure to delete a video you have to do it manualy and find the video files in the mod/teletask/uploads directory. The coresponding UUID directory name can be found in the desktop/speaker URL field before deleting when you edit the coresponding tele-TASK activity.


The backup / restore of the tele-TASK module uses the standard module procedure described in the Moodle Docs Course_backup and Course_restore.

Important: When you want to restore a backup in another moodle instance (on another server) you have to save a copy of the mod/teletask/uploads folder and merge it with the one on the new moodle instance. Otherwise the videos are not available.

"Warning:" When deleteing the module plugin you should backup the mod/teletask/uploads. Otherwise all your video files are lost.