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This page allows you to view or preview a particular checklist.

By default, teachers can only see a list of checklist items, but are unable to save any changes to the list (you need to be given the capability 'mod/checklist:updateown' to do this).

Students can see a list of checklist items, tick off the ones they have completed and then click 'save' to update the system. If the teacher has allowed this, students can also click on 'Start adding your own items', then click on the green '+' symbols to insert new, private items on their own list. The red '-' symbols can be used to remove these items again.

Private items and items the teacher has marked as optional, with count towards the 'All items' progress bar at the top of the screen, but will not affect the 'Required items' progress bar (or the progress that is reported to the grade book).

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