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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace, which is available through Moodle Partners.


Certificates are diplomas that can be issued upon completion of programs and certifications. Site-wide certificates can be created in Moodle Workplace, and certificates can be shared among tenants.

Moodle Workplace

Accessing certificates

From the workplace launcher, the administrator clicks “certificates” and then the plus to create a new certificate. The certificate is based on the Moodle custom certificate plug-in, but with added capabilities relevant to workplace tenants, and a completely redesigned interface.

Add elements

We click on “add elements” to choose what we want to include on the certificate.

Add images

Let's click on “image” to include a background image. For example, on the pop-up screen, we name this element “background”, select an image file, and tick “use as a background image”.

Add static elements

We can add other static elements like borders and texts,

Add dynamic elements

and dynamic elements like code, date, digital signature, program, user field, and user picture by clicking on the button “add element” and then “user field”.

Format elements

We will be able to include on our certificate the user full name, and edit its appearance by choosing a font size and color, then by dragging and dropping. We can place the elements wherever we want. We can further change any element properties by clicking on the edit icon. We can also add more pages to the certificate by clicking the plus again.