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The Slides course format is an alternative way of displaying the course homepage. Topics are shown individually with a sliding animation when moving between topics. This is contributed code.

At the time of writing it is in a beta release and should not yet be used in a production environment.


  • Single topic/section display with animation between each topic slide
  • Topics loaded are asynchronously so no there is no page reload when moving between topics
  • Course outline slide, showing each topic and its completion status
  • Optional background image for each topic
  • Optional custom icons for activities
  • Activity description / intro is displayed below the name
  • Different layout options

Using as student

Using the slides course format in view mode is not very different to using topics or weeks. Accessing activities and the blocks is the same. Moving between topics is different however. There are 3 ways to do this

  1. The back and next buttons above the top-right of the slides box
  2. The topic number links above the top left of the slides box
  3. From the topic links on the course outline slide

Using as teacher

Just as you do with any module or page in Moodle, you must turn editing on to make changes.

These core topic settings are the same: Edit summary, show/hide and highlight.

To change the topic/section order, click the up or down arrows just as you do in topics and weeks. This changes the topic number links to a vertical list of topic headings (or numbers if you haven't given each topic a title). To change the order, click and drag the items in the list into a new order. Press done when you are finished to return the list to its original state.

To change the background image or layout of a topic slide, press the 'image' icon next to the edit summary icon. You will be taken to a form where you can change these settings

The topic label boxes in the course outline slide can be moved around the page. With editing turned on, click and drag any topic label to a new position. Note: Be aware that your students may have smaller screens that you so don't place them too far right, else they may not be seen.


  1. Download from the modules and plugins section of
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to 'slides'
  3. Place in your Moodle /course/format directory (Your directory structure should look like your-moodle-webroot/course/format/slides/README)
  4. Log in to your Moodle as an administrator
  5. Browse to the administrator notifications page - http://[your-moodle-site]/admin/index.php
  6. Follow the upgrade instructions

Two new tables will be added to your database and you should be good to go.

Known issues

  • Backup and restore not fully functional
  • Backgrounds may be temporarily mixed up after changing the topic order.

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