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blocks/unanswered discussions

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Once the progress bar is installed, you can use it in a course as follows.

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Add the Unanswered Discussions block to your page (How to add a block)
  3. Click the configuration icon on the block below the title and check the settings on the configuration page.
Unanswered Discussions configuration
Unanswered Discussions configuration

Show Discussions

You can control whether the user will see:

  • unanswered discussions the user has begun themselves,
  • unanswered discussions begun by others, that have been unanswered for the longest time, and/or
  • random unanswered discussions begun by others (and not yet shown in the block)

The quantity of discussions from each type can be specified by number.

To disable a type of message, uncheck it rather than setting its quantity to zero.

Excluded Forums

There are some forums you will not want checked for unanswered forums, usually because these forums are used to broadcast messages to students, so no-one will respond to them.

Among these are News forums, which are initially excluded by default.

You can select more than one forum by holding the control key and using the mouse to select the forums containing discussions you do not want to appear in the block. (Mac users should use Command and click.)

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