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View user policies and agreements

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This page displays the list of policies and agreements accepted by the user, and when they were agreed to.


Each Moodle site may have multiple policies which can affect different users of the site (e.g. Authenticated vs. Guest users) and which may apply to different types of content (e.g. forum posts vs. assessment results vs. third-party content). These policies may cover how the user may use the content of the site, as well as what information is collected from the user and how long it will be retained. To use a site, a user may need to agree to multiple policies. This page lists all the policies the user has currently agreed to.


The name of the policy


The version of the policy (the date the policy was last edited). If the policy is edited after it has been agreed to, a new agreement will be required.


A check mark indicates that this policy has been agreed to.

Agreed on

The date on which the user agreed to the policy

Agreed by

The user who agreed to the policy. This can be a site administrator or Privacy officer rather than the user, especially for minors.


May be blank, but should be complete if anyone other than the user agreed to the policy on behalf of the user.

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