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The wish list

Copied from and I may get round to editing this sometime.

File management. Mainly deleting

I know it is official Moodle policy to encourage the use of repositories, but there are still times when there is a need to use the various file areas. Deleting is a one by one operation in many places that we often use:

  1. Bulk delete in legacy files:
  2. Bulk delete in User Private Backup Area:
  3. Bulk delete in Automated backup area:
  4. Bulk delete when editing a folder:
  5. There are probably more. Is it possible to get this sorted in all these areas with just one fix?

Image management

Better image insertion into posts. Click and drag into the editor?

Rationale: this is one of the most common things one does in a course with lots of interaction via forums. Tracker:

Ability to manage the resizing of images when uploading into the editor

Rationale: people still don't get this!!


There are a few basic extra reports that would be good. The problem of course is performance hits. "Give me a print our of the courses yet to be completed by our 23,000 students"

Here is one of the reports that have good justification for being in core:

There are five or six more I'd like, but I decided they really were too idiosyncratic.


This is a complex issue. Plugable questions and the new question engine are now humming along. But from a functionality point of view, here are two things I think would give good bang for buck.

Improved view to mark a test for a single student

Rationale: if you need to mark a quiz for one student, you need to click in and out of every question individually. Could be improved.

Provide a way to ask a series of short free response questions with an associated quick marking page

Rationale: some answers are short but too complex to mark automatically, even with the OU AI smarts built in. You just want a bunch of short answers to mark manually.

Tracker item:

  • And a bonus random: I'd love a tweet question, 135 characters free response.

Forums in separate groups mode

ONE post to reach all groups

I know this issue of forums is a complex issue. One reason ordinary forums in groups mode can cause grief for teachers:

You have 27 groups. It is not possible to write ONE post in a basic forum in groups mode and have it in all groups and able to be replied to. This has huge benefits for MOOC's.


No ability to self sign up. (surely!!) Good also for MOOCs.


Why is ugly printing hard coded?