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Our new open social media platform for educators, MoodleNet is coming soon, and so we're sunsetting our current course sharing site, and archiving all of its contents. You will still be able to access and import content from the archive to your Moodle site.


  • August 2019 - courses and content will be read only. You will not be able to share a course on nor add an entry to a content database.
  • September 2019 - courses for download and content will be moved to a new URL, You will be able to download courses and content from the new location but not use the Community finder block on your site. Courses to enrol in will not be listed on
  • November 2019 - you will be able to add content from the new MoodleNet directly into your Moodle course.

Sunsetting FAQ


How will I be affected?

  • If you were previously able to share your course on, you will no longer be able to do so.
  • If you previously shared a course to enrol in on, it will no longer be listed from September 2019 when courses for download and content is moved to
  • You will no longer be able to use the Community finder block to search and find courses on to enrol in or to restore on your site.

Where can I get content from for use in my course?

  • You can still access all the courses for download and content shared on by going to (from September 2019 onwards).
  • From November 2019 onwards, you will be able to access content on the new MoodleNet.


Do I need to do anything?

It is recommended that you:

  1. Check whether any role has the capability moodle/course:publish in Site administration / Users / Permissions / Capability overview and if so, edit the role, unset the capability and inform any users with the role.
  2. Check whether the Community finder block is used on the site in Site administration / Plugins / Blocks / Manage blocks. You can find out any courses using the block by clicking the number in the Instances column. Hide the Community finder block and inform users.

Both course sharing functionality and the Community finder block will be removed from the minor (point) releases scheduled for 9 September 2019.

What if I do nothing?

From September 2019 onwards, if any user attempts to use the Community finder block or share a course, they will obtain an error message.

How do I enable access from my site to the new MoodleNet?

In November 2019, Moodle 3.8 will be released with a MoodleNet plugin enabling teachers to browse the new MoodleNet and choose content to add to their courses. The MoodleNet plugin will also be available to install on supported stable versions.

Any further questions?

  • If you have any questions about the sunsetting process, please post in the Moodle community sites forum on
  • If you’d like to find out more about the new MoodleNet, please see MoodleNet.