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Bulk Activity - Resource Creator

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Note: This plugin is developed for Moodle v3.3 (Release 2017050500) onwards and was last tested on v3.8.

This powerful tool allows users to create activities/resources in bulk. In other words, a moodle module can be copied to one or more courses or one or more categories/subcategories in one go. You can choose where on a course area you want to add the activity. Currently you can add it in Section 0, Section 1 or in the last Section. Administrators can control it's permission for particular roles to use. Download and try it in action


  • Moodle 3.3 or later
  • Themes based on Boost


Copy the moodle-block_bulkactivity folder into your /blocks directory, then rename it to bulkactivity and visit your Admin Notification page to complete the installation.


Once the block is added to a course and when in editing mode, users can click on Edit to see the 'Bulk Copy to Courses' option. By clicking on it, all non-hidden categories on the site will be displayed including their sub-categories with courses. A check-box against every category or course will be available. Users can select them and choose where they want to add the activity/resource. Please not that only courses that the logged in user is enrolled on will be displayed.

block bulkactivity v1.png
block bulkactivity v2.png
block bulkactivity v3.png

Here's a video that explains the tool.

Bulk Activity - Resource Creator


Shubhendra Doiphode

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