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(Trying to make sense of disk useage.)
(removing refs to course size report as they seem to apply to older version and not been publicly updated yet)
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==Course Size Report==
Thinking aloud here.  At present the "Total file useage" seems to be updated once a day only.
See ''Site administration > Reports > Course size''
===What exactly does the ''Total size files useage'' figure actually measure?===
Does it include total backups + legacy files + private files + Moodle files + course files etc???
===How do we get this figure to update?===
Running cron doesn't do this.
===What exactly does the ''Disk Useage fr individual courses'' measure?===
Backups + Legacy files + Course files??
If the file is in legacy files, and chosen via file picker, is it stored once in database?  Or twice?
{{Sitewide reports}}{{stub}}
{{Sitewide reports}}{{stub}}

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