Organisation structure

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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace, which is available through Moodle Partners.


Organization Structure is a combination of three workplace features: departments, positions, and jobs.

Moodle Workplace

Accessing organization structure

From the workplace launcher, the administrator clicks organization structure. We can use departments and positions hierarchies to define any organization structure and define all reporting lines, assigning jobs to employees in any department with any position. 

Accessing departments and positions

Here, the administrator clicks the department tab and then the plus to create a new department framework and then once that's created she can create departments and sub-departments. Position frameworks and positions work in a similar way. From the Plus the administrator can create a new position and can define if this is a management position, and which permissions they should have.

The global manager

The global manager has permissions above all other users. With any lower permissions, whatever department they are in, the department manager has permissions over users in their department.

Position list indicator icons

The help icons usefully provide more information in the position list. As with the Department list we see the jobs “Active” (that is, current) and in brackets. “Past”. Here, for example, there are two professors currently and one past-- one former professor. We see the management roles they have with icons displaying their permissions.

Assigning positions to users

Finally, jobs can be assigned from the job assignments tab clicking the plus, selecting the user, their position, Department, and start and end dates. There is a helpful filter for long lists.