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=See also=
=See also=

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This page allows a user to view and create data requests. The status of each request is displayed, even after it has been fulfilled.

The General Data Protection Regulation — or the GDPR - regulates and protects the processing of personal information. The GDPR provides expanded rights for individuals. Customers have the right to:

  • Obtain confirmation as to whether or not their personal data is being processed, where and for what purpose (Right to Access)
  • Access their personal data (Right to Access)
  • Correct errors in their personal data (Right to Access)
  • Erase their personal data (Right to be Forgotten)
  • Object to having their personal data processed (Right to be Forgotten)
  • Receive a copy of any personal data stored, and transfer that data to another vendor/controller (Data Portability)

New request

This button provides a form used to contact the Data Protection Officer to make a Data Request.

Canceling a request

A user is able to cancel a request from the Actions menu for that request.

See also