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* [[:dev:Moodle_research|Moodle research page]]
* [[:dev:Moodle_research|Moodle research page]]
* [[Logging]]
* [[Logging]]
* [[:en:Events_list_report|Events list]]
* [[:dev:Learning_Analytics_Specification|Learning Analytics API specification]]
* [[:dev:Learning_Analytics_Specification|Learning Analytics API specification]]
* [[:dev:Working_Groups#Assessment_Analytics|Assessment Analytics working group details and issues]]
* [[:dev:Working_Groups#Assessment_Analytics|Assessment Analytics working group details and issues]]

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Learning Analytics are any piece of information that can help an LMS user improve learning outcomes. Users include students, teachers, administrators and decision-makers.

Moodle Plugins

There are a number of reports, blocks and other plugins for Moodle that provide learning analytics.

Plugin Plugin type Standard / Additional Useful for Reported usage*
Logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers 71.4%
Activity Report Standard Teachers 69.1%
Activity completion, see also Course completion Report Standard Teachers 66.3%
Live logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins 55.2%
Feedback Activity Standard Teachers, Researchers 59.5%
(Quiz) Statistics Report Standard Teachers 53.0%
(Course) Participation Report Standard Teachers 49.9%
Survey Activity Standard Teachers, Researchers 45.6%
Questionnaire Activity Additional Teachers, Researchers 45.3%
Course overview Report Standard Admins, Decision-makers 45.0%
Course completion status Block Standard Students 41.4%
Progress Bar Block Additional Students, Teachers 32.0%
Events list Report Standard Teachers, Admins 28.6%
Activity results block Block Standard Students 26.1%
Configurable Reports

(A list of contributed reports)

Block (Report Graphs filter) Additional Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers 22.7%
(Gradebook) Overview Report Standard Teachers, Students N/A
Statistics Report Standard Admins, Decision-makers N/A
Ad-hoc database queries Report Additional Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers N/A
Engagement Analytics Block, Report, Activity module Additional Teachers N/A
Course Dedication Block Additional Students, Teachers N/A
Graph Stats Block Additional Teachers, Admins N/A
GISMO Block Additional Teachers N/A
Level Up! Block Additional Students, Teachers N/A
Forum Graph Report Additional Teachers N/A
Analytics Graphs Block Additional Teachers N/A
Heatmap Block Additional Teachers N/A

* Reported usage is drawn from the Plugins Usage Survey from 2015.

Integrations with Moodle

A number of systems integrate with Moodle to provide learning analytics information.

Dimensions of Analytics

Learning analytics are a concept that has been emerging under a number of different names through the past decades. Its origins lie in research in data mining and intelligent tutoring systems. LA tools can be categorised in a number of ways. The diagram below describes such tools by how deeply they are integrated with other systems (source).


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