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Currently working on

  1. Using Quiz
  2. Moodleposium
    1. Open education with Moodle and Wikiversity
    2. Moodleposium/2010
    3. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010
    4. Moodleposium/2009
    5. User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2009

I'm reading/learning/trying

  1. Export
  2. GIFT format
  3. Gradebook improvements in Moodle 1.9.5
  4. Student tutorials
  5. MoodleDocs:Transclusion - trying to figure out how to transclude content e.g., across multiple pages and sites
  6. HTML editor
  7. HTML linking
  8. Course homepage
  9. Course formats
  10. Shared activities course format
  11. Hot Potatoes
  12. Inserting css to create a new header/banner (Robson)
  13. Embedded screen case videos in slide presentations (Ridden)
  14. OU wiki


  1. Course formats
  2. Development:Quiz Usability portal
  3. Usability Forum
  4. Development:Moodle User Interface Guidelines
  5. Usability FAQ
  6. Usability tracker
  7. Users should be able to toggle centre column sections open/closed

Please come and see my sandpit Moodle site at UC -
I welcome your suggestions.



  1. Been using Moodle as a teacher moderately extensively since 2008 and a Moodle Mentor at the University of Canberra - but still learning about how to use Moodle.
  2. Lecturer in psychology, University of Canberra (UC), Australia -- UC switched from WebCT to Moodle in 2009. I'm a "Moodle Mentor" (helping staff in my discipline to adopt/adapt to Moodle)
  3. Advocate of open academic principles and practices.
  4. Interested in disruptive technologies, open educational resources, and usability.
  5. Generally, I'm most active over at Wikiversity: my Wikiversity user page. Also see twitter and linkedin.

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Related apps

  1. Equella
  2. Mahara
  3. Wimba

See also

These are some of my user subpages which contain notes about using Moodle
  • Moodle - a general starting point for some of my Moodle interests
  • Quiz - a Moodle activity which I'm keen to learn about
  • Training notes - some detailed notes from a 2-day Moodle training
  • Using Moodle - some practical stuff I'm learning about Moodle for teachers
Some other (technical) subpages
  • MediaWiki - not much here; technical notes about using MediaWiki

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