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Is it possible to enroll in a course via a custom button?

For example; could I create a button on the home page that would enroll someone in a course without having to go to the enrollment page?

Is it possible to remove the open door with green arrow icon that represents Self enrolment?

If you just want to remove/hide the icon and not remove the ability to self enrol then you can take one of a couple of different options.

The Self Enrolment icon itself is theme dependent which means it is not always an open door with a green arrow. One way would be to replace it in whichever theme you are using with a transparent png of the same size. If you use something like Firebug, click on the icon to see its properties, (right click in Windows, or Cmd+Click in Mac) you should be able to see the path to the icon and its name - then you replace it with a file of the same name which is transparent (ie, invisible, hopefully) or one pixel by one pixel.

You can isolate the image and disable it using CSS but first you need to know the css path for that image.

For the Front Page it is this...

#page-site-index .enrolmenticons {visibility: hidden;}

Depending on your theme, you can either add the CSS to your theme's Custom Settings page, or add that CSS rule directly into yourtheme/style/core.css or whatever name your CSS stylesheet is called. If you add the CSS to the stylesheet you need to add it at the very bottom of that file.

Before you do any of this it is best enabling Theme Designer Mode from Site Administration > Appearance > themes > Theme settings as this will allow the changes to be seen. You will also need to refresh your browser window to using Ctrl + F5 which forces the page to reload. Or, you can click the Clear Theme Caches button in the Site Administration > Appearance > themes > Theme selector page.