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List of all capabilities installed by MoodleTxt

This page is an administrator's reference for the user capabilities that will be installed into your Moodle installation by MoodleTxt. You can use these to grant or deny access to the various sections of MoodleTxt using these capabilities in the standard Moodle control panel.

Capability Name Default Assignment Description
block/moodletxt:addressbooks Teachers and admins Granting this permission allows a user to create addressbooks within MoodleTxt
block/moodletxt:adminsettings Admins only Allows a user to use the MoodleTxt control panel and see error messages intended for administrators.
block/moodletxt:adminusers Admins only Allows a user to admin user information within MoodleTxt, such as editing a user's message filters, or viewing their message history.
block/moodletxt:defaultinbox Teachers and admins If a user has this capability assigned to them at system level, then they can be selected as the "default inbox" when creating message filters. (A default inbox is where any unfiltered messages for a given account are deposited.)
block/moodletxt:globaladdressbooks Teachers and admins If this user can create address books within MoodleTxt, they can create global address books that can be viewed and used by all users within the system.
block/moodletxt:personalsettings Teachers and admins Having this capability assigned to a user allows them to edit their own messaging preferences. This includes message templates and signatures, as well as options related to message display.
block/moodletxt:receivemessages Teachers and admins Any user that has this capability assigned can receive inbound messages within the block.
block/moodletxt:sendmessages Teachers and admins Any user that has this capability assigned can send messages out from the block.
block/moodletxt:viewstats Teachers and admins Any user that has this capability assigned can view user/message statistics. (Coming in 3.1)
block/moodletxt:viewmoodletxtpluslogs Admins only Allows the user to view the logs of event-based messaging. (Largely redundant, may be removed in 3.1. Users that have the :adminusers permission can use the sent page, which was upgraded since 3.0 beta 2, to view these logs already.)