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Moodle glossary entries format

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The Moodle glossary entries format allows teachers and administrators to easily convert between glossary entries and quiz questions. Short answer, multiple choice and matching questions may be exported and downloaded as an XML file in the format used by Moodle glossary export. The file may then be imported into a glossary as a new set of entries. The correct answers are shown as terms or key words and the question text is used as the definition. Glossary export files can also be directly imported into the question bank as short answer questions. These can be then be used normally in a quiz. The definition will be presented and the term or key words will be marked as the correct answers.

Glossary entries will use the defaults for options set for new entries by the administrator for options not determined by question setting (i.e. autolinking). The question category name will be saved as the glossary category and vice versa; however, parent category names are not saved.