Cohort external database

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Cohort external database
Type Admin tool
Set N/A
Maintainer(s) Dan Marden, Catalyst IT

Cohort external databaseplugin creates site-level cohorts using a connection to an external database.

  • Can be triggered via CLI and/or scheduled task.
  • Creates site-level cohorts
  • Synchronises users in cohorts
  • Optionally auto create users

Create an external database (various types supported) containing your users and cohorts (username, firstname, lastname, email, cohort).

Using the settings of the plugin on moodle/admin/settings.php?section=tool_cohortdatabase and create mappings to the correct fields of your external database.

For testing, tick tool_cohortdatabase | debugdb and run the synchronisation script on the command line. In moodle/admin/tool/cohortdatabase/cli, execute: php sync.php. Observe the output for possible errors.