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Location: Administration > Grades > Outcomes

Outcomes are new in 1.9. You can develop a list of expected outcomes (competencies) and connect these to courses and activities. You can even grade against multiple outcomes at once (i.e. Rubrics).

To use outcomes, the feature must be enabled via Administration > Grades > Outcomes.

Basically the steps are like this:

  1. Choose or define some outcomes for the course Administration > Grades > Outcomes
  2. For each activity, choose which of these outcomes apply
  3. When grading that activity, grade each student using the Outcome scales
  4. You can also edit the grades in the grader report (useful for modules that don't feature inbuilt grading)
  5. Use the outcomes as part of the assessment for students, or look at the Outcomes report for some useful feedback on how the class in general are performing.

Outcomes (and their associated scales) can be exported, by selecting the checkbox under the "Export" column, and clicking the "Export selected outcomes button. This will send a file (in .csv format) that can be read by Excel, OpenOffice.org or by any text editor.

It's possible to import outcomes (and associated scales) by submitting a csv file. The format of the file should be copied from the file obtained by the export function. Note that while importing :

  • existing outcomes and scale will be used if available (no overwriting is done by the script);
  • the script will stop if it detects that the file contains invalid data.

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