Certificate reports

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A teacher can view and download a report of all certificates issued in their course.

View and download certificate reports

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The teacher can see a list of all certificates by clicking on the course homepage certificate link. Then selecting the view certificates link in the upper right corner. This will present a list of certificates, showing student name, grade, and code. If the certificate administration edit settings was set to save, they can download a copy of the certificate for a students.

This page also allows an option of downloading the report in 1 of 3 formates.

Site wide reports

A version of site wide reports is aavailable in 2.1.

In 1.9.x versions there was an optional block that provided a link to a report visible to administrators and students. Students could see of all their certificates on the site. Administrators (or those who have the capability of viewing site reports) will see a link on the Certificate Report page to view/download a report of all students' received certificates.