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My page in MoodleDocs. I have edited MoodleDocs since 2006. It is the way I learn.

History if you are interested

In 2006 I started contributing to MoodleDocs as a way to learn the software. I decreased my intense editing in July 2010 because of additional work and family commitments. I started editing pages again in September 2011 as I became more familiar with Moodle 2.1

In(July-Aug 2011), I was given the task to build a few webservers for our internal WAN, a first for me. That was both educational and successful.

Our use of the application is simple. We do tests, have people download pdfs and fill out questionnaires. I decided that I might as well install 2.1. Our previous servers were 1.5.x Moodles :) We upgraded a 1.5 Moodle internet server to 1.9 in August 2010.

In the upgrades, I copied then customized a Moodle theme. I edited our language en_us, then use a text editor to globally change words in a copy of the en language php files and put them in the moodledata correct subfolder. I have built over 100 quizes on unique subjects and retest. We also use questionnaires to receive student feedback on each of our subjects. We provide PDFs as supplemental materials and as copies of the teachers face to face PowerPoints. I also have a random glossary entry block to display pictures. We just finished a teaching cycle on each of servers. I was able to import the old courses in new ones on the corresponding servers.

MoodleDocs self professed goals

My MoodleDocs editing has been a great learning experience. I have tweaked my 2010 goals into a more generic version.

  • Stick with technical how tos, encourage practical examples for teachers
  • Add some images that are annotated with numbers for references
  • Remember English pages are read/translated by non-native speakers
  • Delete opinions and sales pitches for the latest and greatest Moodle.
  • Identify Tips and Notes, so the "impatient" can skim.
  • Pay attention to the way others edit my words so I can improve my style

Noble goals!

Production Moodle goals

Over the winter I hope to learn something about the Ipad2 and Moodle. We be issuing them to our next set of students, instead of our old Dell 610s. So I anticipate tweaking themes for them. There are also some code changes I would like to make (or find some contributed code) in the core. One of those is the infamous Lesson "Import PowerPoint", which I would like to tweak to "Import Images" and "Import pages" via a text document (similar to a GIFT). My 1.8 version of importppt.php that imported images does not run in 2.x.

Another goal is to work on a Jomula interface with Moodle 2.2. We would like to update our 1.9.10 internet Moodle in the Summer of 2012.

The State of Moodle in my state

The New Hampshire state agency I work with has been using Moodle since 2005. Thus I was pleased when my college adopted Moodle in 2011 and left the higher priced LMS completely. Another University in our system switched to Moodle 2009. By my rough count at least 5 different state agencies have started up Moodles since 2010. The K-12 schools all over the state are using Moodle. State agencies formed a users group in 2012 and meet monthly!

Best to all, Chris --chris collman 01:33, 7 April 2013 (WST)