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I'm thinking (as with the Biology page) that we don't really need this page as our documentation is about Moodle features and functionality and not defining terms outside of Moodle? --Mary Cooch (talk) 00:59, 19 June 2015 (AWST)

This is the same for all subjects listed in, where we state that "Moodle provides a learning environment for all types of academic discipline. However, some built-in features and add-ins are particularly interesting for certain subjects, as described in the articles below". German Valero (talk)

This page is linked in the / Biology/Physics/... pages German Valero (talk)

If you want to remove this page, please remove the link in the Category pages that links here, but please do not remove the category pages, as many teachers really want to find support for the subjects they teach (chemistry, biology,..). German Valero (talk)