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What is the SWF Activity Module?

The SWF Activity Module is a plugin which allows users to deploy Flash learning applications, or any Flash content, in Moodle as an activity. It includes the following advantages:

 * Very easy to use - Doesn't require writing any code.
 * Integrated with Moodle's course file management system.
 * Supports XML driven Flash templates.
 * Works with almost any Flash learning applications.
 * Flash Player version independent - Can deploy any Flash a
 * Robust and reliable - Flash embedding is never interfered with by Moodle's filters.
 * W3C Standards compliant - Uses Adobe's recommended Flash embed method (SWFObject).
 * Integrated with Moodle's grade book - Automatically creates grade items when required.
 * Fast, powerful, direct two-way communication between Flash and Moodle's APIs.
 * Can support 3rd party web services, e.g. Google Maps, Youtube.com and Yahoo!
 * Well documented - Find all the code, documentation and help all in one place.
 * Free and open source of course! (GPL3 licence)

Please note: The SWF Activity Module cannot deploy Flash presentations like those produced by Adobe Captivate CS3 and earlier versions. It does, however, support Adobe Captivate CS4 if the published Flash presentation is a single SWF file. For Flash video presentations, see the Media Player module.

SWF Activity Module project site

The SWF Activity Module downloads, documentation and help are hosted at Google Code: SWF Activity Module.

You can also see demos of the SWF Activity Module in action at the developer's Moodle demo course: matbury.com demo course (Login as a guest)

See also

Media Player module for deploying video and other media in Moodle. MP3 Player for Tests Flash MP3 player that can be embedded in Moodle quizzes and other Moodle pages which gives detailed control over how many times the audio can be played, if it waits until the entire MP3 file has loaded before starting, etc.

Development:AMF3 AMFPHP Flash Remoting in Moodle (communicating with Moodle via Flash).