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OU wiki

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This contributed code module is a simple, easy to use, but reasonably full-featured alternative to standard Moodle wiki.


  • Relies on HTML editor; does not use wiki markup except for links
  • Can live alongside the existing wiki - does not make any attempt to convert content
  • Includes integrated comments on pages or headings and single words
  • Supports most features of the old wiki
  • Better (than old wiki) comparison of page versions
  • Usage reports and statistics
  • Easy navigation, from current page to "pages linking to this page"
  • Hierarchal page index
  • Extended page history management tool (per page and activity wide)
  • Ability to add new paragraphs and new pages, easily, at the end of each page (which allow parallel usage of the page by users, to some degree)
    • Except for wiki markup (as above), attachments, and a few admin features
    • If you want a search facility for the wiki, you must also install the ousearch block

Development status

This wiki is in active use at the Open University. We continue to maintain and develop it and plan to do public releases aligned with our internal release cycle.

There are no major developments planned at present, but a number of minor enhancements should trickle in gradually. (Next planned features: way to easily revert to old page version, way for admins to hide page versions permanently.)

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