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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.6. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is likely available here: MRBS block/import.

This feature works in a similar way to flatfile enrolement; it is enabled by configuring a file location in the module settings. Once there is a location set, that location will be checked every time cron runs and if a file is found it will be processed.

All existing imported bookings will be deleted from the database before the new import is processed- this is done so that a timetable can be imported regularly, ensuring that mrbs is kept up to date. Any imported bookings that have been edited will not be deleted and will not be re-imported, however any deleted bookings will be re-imported.

The file should be a csv file, without a header row, containing the following fields:

Start time End time Date of first session Weekpattern Room name Username Name Description
hh:mm format, if periods are used then see the section below hh:mm format, if periods are used then see the section below YYYY/MM/DD format This field enables a session to be repeated weekly, missing out weeks for holidays etc. To make a single booking just put 1 in this field, otherwise enter a string of 1s and spaces (each 1 representing a booking, each space representing a week without a booking). This string can be as long as required. must be the same as that held in the mrbs_room table this field is used to link the booking to a moodle user. It is not case sensitive and will not cause an error if no matching user is found (however if this is the case then only mrbs admins will be able to edit the booking) the name for the booking to have. If you want to take advantage of some other features then you should set this to the shortname of the course the booking is for (if there is a moodle course for it) a description for the booking

Times when periods are enabled

MRBS stores period times as minutes past midnight, 00:00 is the time period1 starts, 00:01 is the time period1 ends and period 2 starts etc.

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