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Export a Skills repository

By Exporting a Skills repository (XML format), you get a backup which can be restaured in a Moodle course by the Import a repository menue.

You can chose CVS format (comma separated records - like a spreadsheet). [**N.B. ";" has not to be used in text, because it is the data separator**], or XHTML (Web page.

Import / Export a Competency Framework (Referentiel module format) as a Moodle Outcomes file

If Outcomes are used on your Moodle server you can export the Skills repository as an outcomes files (CVS format), then import that file on your server. You can then evaluate any Moodle's activity (forums, assignment, data base, quiz, wiki, etc.) with these outcomes.

The Referential module will get back these evaluations and will generates a new activity declaration in the instance of the referential module...

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After the evaluation the validated outcomes are going back to the Skills repository instance.

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Three stages protocol

  1. Activate outcomes at site level
  2. From an instance of Referential export the Skills repository as an Outcomes file / Import that file as new outcomes at site level
  3. Add new activities an use this outcomes as grading scale.

Activate Outcomes at site level

With administrator role, activate the outcomes at site level ("Site administration > Grades > general settings : Activate outcomes = 'Yes'").

Import Outcomes from the Sills repository module

You have to be an administrator to import an Outcomes file at site level. At course level you have to be a teacher with edition capacity.

As an administrator go to ""Site Administration > Grades > Outcomes > Import outcomes.

As a teacher go to "Administration > Grades > Outcomes > Modify > Import outcomes"".

Generate an Outcomes file from a Skills repository

As a teacher, in a course where there is an instance of Referential (Skills repository) go to "Skills repository / Export" then "Scale and Outcomes" and clicl the link "Export a skills repository as an outcomes file".

The file "outcomes_referentiel_xxx.csv" will be saved on your system.

Use outcomes in a course

Two situations:

  • If the list of outcomes are used at site level (standard outcomes) add those of your repository to your course (names are explicit) by the way of "Administration > Outcomes > Outcomes used in course"
  • Il the outcomes are not used you have to import them: "Administration > Outcomes > Modify outcomes"
    • 1) Choose then "Import as outcome for this course" or "Import as standard outcomes " (only if you have a administrator role)
    • 2) Then choose "Import outcomes (Max size: xx Mo)" and select the file "outcomes_referentiel_xxx.csv".

How to use the outcomes

You can now use these outcomes for evaluate any Moodle activity in this course.

For example if you set an assignment which the goal is to evaluate a list of skills, check the outcomes matching that list of skills...

Then evaluate the students productions with the corresponding scale (Non applicable, Non validate, Validated) for each outcome.

The cron deamon will push back any activity evaluated by the mean of these outcomes in the instance of Skills repository to which they are belonging.

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