Vitero module

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Vitero module
Type Activity module
Set N/A
Maintainer(s) Yair Spielmann

The Vitero Module provides integration between Moodle and a Vitero (Virtual Team Room) server. A Moodle site is linked to a single Vitero account. It is contributed by Yair Spielmann.

When added to a course, a session will be created on the Vitero server. The course users will be given a direct link to the Vitero conference room at its scheduled time. The student details and role will be synchronised to Vitero. The course administrator will have the choice of rooms (based on availability for the given account).

The module will also update or delete the Vitero session details if done so in Moodle.

Other features include:

  • Role synchronisation
  • Avatar synchronisation
  • Connection test


1. Unzip the files locally, and upload them to a folder called 'mod/vitero' on the server. 2. Login as admin and visit the home page to trigger the upgrade 3. Set the Vitero server and account details 4. Save and return to the settings menu to test connection

If you want user avatars to be sent to Vitero, the WSO2 extension must be installed on your PHP server, otherwise, an error will be returned.

Adding a Vitero activity

1. Click 'Turn editing on', in a course view. 2. Click on the add icon in the desired course section and choose Vitero 3. Give names to the activity and the team 4. Choose a start and end time, and (if more than one meeting room is available) the room size 3. Save the activity. The meeting will then be created on Vitero.


When a user in the course clicks on the activity and the meeting is currently in session, a link will be provided.

As the page loads, the user will be created (if not created yet) in Vitero, and assigned to the team, with the role set according to the role in Moodle.