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There is still a lack of clarity on this issue. The philosophy of Moodle core around the new developments is emerging only in fragments in the many discussions over the forums.

These are personal views: I'd like to see some steady move towards improving the sped and convenience of these things in Moodle, even if we just manage to reduce the number of clicks.



As with navigation and forums there is significant modification/development in other distros of Moodle. This is a recognised problem.

  1. Joule Ref: "When developing joule, our team analyzed customer feedback and created key features not available in standard Moodle, including advanced . . . "
  2. ELIS Ref:
  3. (Unsure about TotaraLMS, I have not seen this)

My point is that there is good code out there somewhere and Moodle core still is lacking.

Obviously there needs to be a balance. Moodle is not designed to be a CMS. But there has been a long and sustained discussion around some basis matters to do with file management. They seem to be around several issues.

  1. The number of clicks to simply add a file
  2. The lack of any way in core Moodle to have one file and link to it, change it once
  3. The complexity of navigation inside the file system list: folders nightmare
  4. The lack of clarity in using the external repositories like Dropbox or Flickr
  5. The File System repository which has no way to use it short of FTP
  6. . . . . .

We do not need to go BACK but there is some progress we need to make forward.

File management: One Click upload of file

Tracker item with code: single click file upload In a constructivist environment, file sharing in forums, blogs etc is basic. Yet this is very very cumbersome in Moodle.

In some respects (in my personal opinion) people will tolerate this for a while while 2.0 and even 2.1 shakedown. But then the day to day time required to do stuff in Moodle will take it's toll. This may of course have no effect on Moodle. The big guys code their solutions, the small guys will just tolerate it. Maybe out of the blue a simple repository answer may emerge. The problems in the old Course Files were real, but the new 2.0 approach is far from user friendly, fast or flexible enough in it's present state of development.

File management: Multiple File Upload

Facebook and Flickr have it, why not Moodle.  :)

  1. Forum:
  2. Forum:
  3. Bugtracker:

There is a simple version using CSV's available.

Issue tracker: Discussion: Tracker:

Other tracker items in the repository on files

Ref: Ref:

Useability of File System Repo


This is totally centrally controlled a server level. This is apparently a feature.

Change once POC


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  1. Alfresco/repository:

A way to link files