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Hi. I think that **Choice should be *Choice one level up German Valero (talk)

Reply to German

Hi there. I have fixed the Choice level; well spotted. --Mary Cooch (talk) 16:12, 13 November 2015 (AWST)

Links to the Table of Contents

Hi. I can not see many links to the Moodle 3.0 Table of contents in Wouldn't it be worth adding a few links (as in the 2.9 Main Page: See the full Table of Contents for more detail).? German Valero (talk)

Thanks German for your suggestion. I'm not sure that we need more links to the TOC though, since there is a link to it on every page under Navigation. --Helen Foster (talk) 19:11, 16 March 2016 (AWST)

Link to the italian Table of Contents

Hi Helen. I can't see the link to the TOC under the Navigation link in the italian Main page I've looked the spanish one and I've noticed that its link appears at the bottom of the english Main page. Could you please add the italian link to the english TOC at the bottom of the page? it:Tavola dei Contenuti. Many thanks Daniela

Hi Daniela, as requested I have added the Italian link to the TOC. I also added a link to it under NAVIGAZIONE in the Italian Moodle Docs. Please feel free to add or amend these links by editing (which only you can edit as a wiki admin). Thanks! --Helen Foster (talk)