Scheduler: Exporting schedule tables

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Scheduler export screen

In a scheduler, teachers can export appointment data to spreadsheets and other files in several formats. This feature can also be used to print lists of appointments or sign-up sheets.

Options for exports

Layout and format of the export files can be customized using various options. If you're unsure what the effect of these are, try the "Preview" button at the bottom of the form.


There are three basic choices for the export format, differing in how slots with several appointments are handled.

One line per slot

The output file will contain one line for each slot. If a slot contains multiple appointments, then instead of the student's name, etc., a marker "(multiple)" will be shown.

One line per appointment

The output file will contain one line for each appointment. If a slot contains multiple appointments, then it will appear several times in the list (with its data repeated).

Appointments grouped by slot

All appointments of one slot are grouped together, preceded by a header line that indicates the slot in question. This may not work well with the CSV output file format, as the number of columns is not constant.

Teacher selection

Include slots for...

Select whether slots for all teachers or only for the current teacher should be included.


The output can optionally be formatted with a separate "page" for each teacher. In Excel and in ODS file format, these "pages" correspond to tabs (worksheets) in the workbook. In PDF format, they correspond to pages in the PDF document. HTML and CSV files do not support actual pagination, but will display a heading before each teacher's slots.

Include empty slots

Select whether empty slots (which no student has booked yet) should be included.

Data to include

Teachers can select which data fields should be included in each row of the export, including slots-related data (date, time, location, ...), student-related data (name, username, ...) and appointment-related data (whether attended, and any appointment notes). Note that formatting will be stripped from appointment notes on export.

Custom User profile fields for students can be included in the export, but the data will appear only if the current user has the necessary permissions to view them for the students affected.

File format

Scheduler supports the following output file formats:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) text files. The field separator, by default a comma, can be customized. CSV files can be opened in most spreadshet applications.
  • Microsoft Excel files (Excel 2007 .xslx format)
  • Open Document spreadsheets (ODS), suitable for OpenOffice / LibreOffice
  • HTML format. The output will be displayed as a web page containing a table. This page can then be saved, or printed using the browser's print feature.
  • PDF documents. A choice between landscape and portrait formats is available.