New for students

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If you are a student on Moodle, here's a quick overview of the changes you can expect to see when your Moodle site is using Moodle 3.5:

  • DashboardOverview.jpg

    Course images on your dashboard

    Course images or coloured patterns will display on your Dashboard, making it more attractive.

  • recordrtc.png

    Directly record sound and video

    New buttons in the Atto editor allow you to record directly into Moodle.

  • AwardedBadgesBadges.jpg

    More ways to gain badges

    Earn badges based on previous badges, cohort membership and profile picture upload - if your organisation has set them up!.

  • StudentQuizFileTypeView.png

    See which files to upload in quiz essay questions

    When uploading to a quiz essay question, easily see which file types are accepted.

  • ChoiceDisplay.jpg

    See how your Choice results will display

    A new alert message will tell you how your selection in a Choice will be displayed.

  • StudentDataRequest.png

    New Privacy & policies links in your profile

    A new section in your profile allows you to see policies and make requests for your data.