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  • mobile35icourseoverview.png

    See your courses at glance

    Your courses are listed with easy access to contents, participants, grades and notes. A useful filter field lets you find a particular course quickly. If your token expires during a session, you're prompted to re-enter your password and continue.

  • mobile35timeline.png

    View and access activities which are due

    The timeline display shows you which tasks you need to complete, with quick access links.

  • mobile35connectparticipants1.png

    Connect with course participants

    Easily connect to course participants.

  • mobile35dashboardbothorientations.png

    Orientation and resolution support

    The app displays in portrait or landscape view, whatever your screen resolution.

  • mobile35accesscourses.png

    Easily access course content

    View course activities and download materials for offline use. Work through Books and IMS Content packages directly in the app. The downloading status of resources is preserved even when changing sections or pages.

  • mobile35activitycompletion.png

    Activity completion

    Track progress from your device with Activity completion. Automatic completion is registered, and students can also manually mark a task complete on their mobile.

  • mobile35gradebook.png

    Grades and grading

    A Grades link for each course gives fingertip access to the gradebook, and teachers can view assignment submissions on the move.

  • mobile35notes.png


    Teachers can view site, course and personal notes about their students and add their own notes.

  • mobile35messages.png

    Message participants

    Send and view private messages to colleagues and students from the Messages link in the side tab.

  • mobile35calendar.png

    Keep up to date with calendar events

    Site, course and user events can be viewed in the calendar.Calendar events can now be viewed offline and infinite scrolling is available.

  • mobile35privatefiles.png

    View and upload to your Private files

    Check the contents of your private files and upload media to them on the go. You're now allowed up to 50MB storage (depending on your SD card).

  • mobile35notifications.png


    Keep up to date with notifications. The app supports both local (calendar events) and push (messages, forum posts, submitted assignments etc) notifications. See Mobile app notifications for more details. Infinite scrolling is available and local notifications have multi-site support.

  • mobile35choice.png

    Make choices

    The app supports students making and removing choices.

  • mobile35chat.png

    Engage in chat, on the move

    Participate in a course Chat activity.

  • mobile35survey.png

    Feed back to teachers with a survey

    Surveys may now be taken using the app.

  • mobile35searchcourses.png

    Search the list of courses

    App users can search courses to find one they wish to take.

  • mobile35selfenrol.png

    Enrol yourself from your smartphone

    Found a course you like? Enrol immediately via the app.

  • mobile35scorm.png

    Play SCORM packages on and off-line

    The Moodle Mobile SCORM player tracks interactions and synchronises when you're back online.

  • mobile35downloadcourse.png

    Download all course sections

    Easily download all sections to view offline.

  • mobile35glossary.png

    Browse glossary entries

    Search for and browse glossary entries.

  • mobile35quiz.png

    Take quizzes on your mobile

    Quizzes may now be completed on the move. Find out more about the Moodle Mobile quiz.

  • mobile35learningplans.png

    Learning plans

    Learning plans may be viewed and progress checked from the mobile.

  • mobile35competencies.png

    Easily view course competencies

    A Competencies tab allows you to see course competencies at a glance.

  • mobile35teachergrading.png

    Teachers: Grade assignments

    Assignments may be graded on the move, from the app and may be graded offline.

  • mobile35badges.png

    View badges from your profile

    Badges are now visible from a link in the user profile.

  • mobile35preferences.png

    Notifications & Messaging preferences

    New preferences screen lets you decide how to be alerted.

  • mobile35workshop.png

    Submit to workshops from the app

    Students can now do workshop activities from their mobile or tablet.

  • mobile35paypal.png

    Sign up to courses via PayPal

    PayPal enrolment is now supported in the app.

Features summary

  • Responsive design for phone and tablets
  • Upload a picture into your private file area
  • Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area
  • Record a video and upload it into your private file area
  • Send a private message to a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Take a personal note about a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Add a course participant to your phone contact
  • Call a course participant touching the phone number
  • Locate a course participant address on Google map
  • Download and view some course resources
  • Quick access to your course contents
  • View calendar events
  • Reminder notifications for calendar events
  • Mobile Push notifications
  • Remote layout/style customization (see below)
  • View all your past private messages and notifications
  • Browse and download your private and course files
  • View forum discussions
  • Private messaging between users
  • Calendar integration with warning reminders as local notifications
  • Upload any type of file from your device to your Moodle private files area
  • View site, course and personal users notes
  • Support for sites using CAS or Shibboleth as auth methods
  • View your activity and course total grades in a course
  • Course search
  • Self-enrolment in courses (including via PayPal)
  • Access courses with guest access enrolment method enabled
  • Follow app-specific activity links (see Creating Moodle Mobile friendly courses for details)
  • Browse glossary entries
  • Browse your learning plans
  • View competencies of students in your course
  • Support for all the course modules (activities and resources) except the Workshop module
  • Attempt quizzes
  • SCORM player
  • Make assignment submissions and review submissions, comments, feedback and grades
  • Use a rich text editor when creating forum posts, attempting quizzes with essay questions, creating wiki pages or submitting assignments (only in Android 4.4 onwards)
  • Submit to workshop activities

Activities & Resources Support

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Comparison of features in different versions

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The Moodle app is being translated into an increasing number of languages. As of August 2018, 35 languages are available:

(ar) عربي, (bg) Български, (ca) Català, (cs) Čeština, (da) Dansk, (de) Deutsch, (de-du) Deutsch - Du, (el) Ελληνικά, (en) English, (es) Español, (es-mx) Español - México, (eu) Euskara, (fa) فارسی, (fi) Suomi, (fr)Français, (he)עברית, (hu) magyar, (it) Italiano, (ja) 日本語, (ko) 한국어, (lt) Lietuvių, (mr) मराठी, (nl) Nederlands, (pl) Polski, (pt-br) Português - Brasil, (pt) Português - Portugal, (ro) Română, (ru) Русский, (sr-cr) Српски, (sr-lt) Srpski, (sv) Svenska, (tr) Türkçe, (uk) Українська, (zh-cn) 简体中文, (zh-tw) 正體中文

If the Moodle app is not yet available in your language, please consider helping with the translation. See Translating Moodle Mobile for details.

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