Moodle Learning Analytics FAQ

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Here are some common questions about Moodle Learning Analytics. You may also find it helpful to visit the Moodle Learning Analytics Working Group site.

Will I start getting predictions as soon as I enable the model?

Learning analytics models must be trained on your site data before they can generate predictions. The Moodle Learning Analytics engine needs historical data (previous courses), so it will need to be enabled on a production site or a copy of your production site. The model training process happens in the background once the model is enabled on your Moodle site. Once the model has been trained, you will start to receive predictions about current courses. See Analytics: Model management for more information.

Is there a way to export and import model data between sites?

Model data can be exported from one site and placed in the model data directory of a new site. We are working to collect model data from many sites to construct a training set we can provide with Moodle installations. Please see How to Participate in Learning Analytics Data Collection for more details.

Is there a way to export and import the settings of a model between sites?

This functionality is currently in development. Please see MDL-60944 Allow model configurations to be imported and exported.

How can I disable Moodle Learning Analytics notifications, or restrict them to certain users, while still enabling models for testing purposes?

Notifications go to users with the "analytics:listinsights" capability in the context of the prediction-- what this means for the default model is that notifications go to teachers in each course. What you can do is modify the "Teacher" role (editingteacher) to remove that capability. Currently that capability is also turned on for Managers by default. If you want to restrict the notifications to a few individuals, make a new role with just this capability, and assign that role to the individuals you wish to grant permission to in each context.

How accurate are the model predictions?

This varies depending on the quality and quantity of site data (including how many activities are in each course and what percentage of the course is conducted online in Moodle). See Analytics: Evaluate for more details on how to review model accuracy.

How can I create my own Learning Analytics models?

At present, a new model must be implemented as a Moodle plugin in PHP. See the Moodle Learning Analytics API for details. We are working to develop tools that will allow non-programmers to create models.

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