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I am no longer able to edit a label. What can I do?

If you add something to a label that Moodle doesn't like or recognise, it can sometimes disfigure your page such that you lose the label editing icon. To remove the offending item without having access to the editing icon:

  1. Log in to your Moodle
  2. Right click on your page to see the source code.
  3. Find where your label's code is(if it has text, look for the text)
  4. You should have something like class="activity label" id="module-310. The number will be the number of the label you want to edit - so remember its number and then:
  5. Open a new tab or new window in your browser and type this in http://[yourmoodle]/course/modedit.php?update=310&return=0 where the number is the number of the label you want to edit. It should take you straight to editor to edit the label.
  6. Delete the contents, save and start again

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