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Groups import provides a simple, easy way to create groups from a spreadsheet (CSV).

To import groups

  • Click the 'Import groups' button in Administration > Course administration > Users > Groups
  • Upload the CSV file (see below for file format) either by dragging and dropping into the box with the arrow (1 below) or by clicking "choose a file" and uploading from the File picker. (2 below)


  • Click the 'Import groups' button

CSV file fieldnames

The CSV file has just one required fieldname (groupname), but can include default and/or optional fieldnames

  • Each line of the file contains one record
  • Each record is a series of data separated by commas
  • The first record of the file is special, and contains a list of fieldnames. This defines the format of the rest of the file.

Required fieldnames - These fields must be included in the first record, and defined for each column


Default fieldnames - These are optional - you may specify idnumber and/or course short name of another course


Optional fieldnames


(Note: The field "picture" and "hidepicture" will produce a "not a valid fieldname" error when uploaded.)

If the groupingname is included, the imported groups will be allocated to those groupings. The groupings will be created if they do not already exist:

  • Separation between the comma and the text can not be a blank.
  • Commas within the data should be encoded as &#44 - the script will automatically decode these back to commas.
  • For Boolean fields, use 0 for false and 1 for true.
  • Either idnumber or coursename can be used to identify the course. Idnumber overrides coursename. If neither is specified, the groups will be added to the current course.
  • Coursename is the course shortname.
  • Group ID numbers are for matching groups against external systems. Within a course, all group ID numbers must be unique.
  • The file must be in ANSI encoding, at least not be saved in UTF-8 encoding.

Note: If a group is already registered in the Moodle database for a particular course, this script will return the group name for that group. Teachers are only allowed to upload groups in courses they are authorized to edit.

A sample file looks like this:

Team 1,Group Assignment Team 1,team1,orange
Team 2,Group Assignment Team 2,team2,purple
Team 3,Group Assignment Team 3,team3,green

See also

If you wish to add users to groups, you can do this as a site admin or manager from Site administration>Users>Accounts>Upload users. See Upload users If the groups do not already exist, they will be created.