Analytics Recommendations block

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The Analytics and Recommendations block is tool for students and teachers. It visually shows the student participation in each course activity. It uses charts and tables which are colour coded so students can quickly see they participation. Teachers can see comparative analytics and global analytics (all students togheter) too.

Morever, the block shows recommendations for students about what activities they should work to improve their final grade. It shows too a estimate final grade according with a reference course.


  1. Download the Analytics and Recommendations Block installation file from the Moodle add-ons page and unzip it to the \blocks directory in your Moodle folder.
  2. Login to Moodle as Administrator and click Notifications under Site Administration.

Once the Analitycs Recommendation block is installed, you can use it in a course as follows.

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Create your activities/resources as normal.
  3. Add the Analytics Recommendations block to your page (
  4. Move your Analytics Recommendations block into a prominent position, eg. top-left.
  5. Click the option 'Initiate the course monitoring' and choose a reference course. If you don`t choose a reference course you won`t be able to see recommendations.
  6. To change the block configuration click the configuration icon on the block below the title.

For more information see Installing contributed modules or plugins