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Notes by James Neill:

Creating engaging interfaces with Moodle

Margaret Robson, Ed Designer, CIT

  1. Advanced Diploma off Adult and Vocational Education
  2. Task is to create a Moodle course in 10 weeks
  3. Critical thinking and reflection are incorporated throughout
  4. Other strategies include
    1. Authentic learnign activities e.g. Webquest (each student has a different role) - integrated with wikis
    2. ...more
  5. Graphic design support
  6. Non-scrolling vertical design
  7. Case studies
  8. Nursing example
  9. Financial/Business records
    1. Youtube e.g. nescredit card debt
    2. Survey monkey
  10. Hairdressing
    1. Communnity/chat - graphic design
  11. Ergonomics etc.


  1. How to customise the banner - put css code in the html editor (it seems to then disappear - yes!) - but only works for front page - files are kept in the file manager - demo